Brian Bulemore (hint: it's pronounced BULL-more) is the owner, creative force, and principal photographer at ABACUS | PHOTOGRAPHY and is constantly enjoying his busy “double-life” in Bend, Oregon working as a professional photographer and licensed mental health therapist.

ABACUS | PHOTOGRAPHY is a wedding, portrait, and commercial studio offering a unique and modern photography experience to clients. As a wedding and portrait shooter, Brian celebrates the individual “awesomeness” of the people he photographs, placing great value on lighting and composition, personal style and expression, having fun adventures, eliciting emotion and passion, and always creating memorable experiences! All of these combine to create imagery that is different, beautiful, stylish and classy, and that will always be treasured!

Brian has exhibited his street documentary, international travel, and abstract object photography in over 20 individual and group fine-art exhibitions in Bend and Portland and has published images in various Central Oregon and Pacific Northwest magazines and publications. His list of past commercial clients in the Central Oregon area includes The Environmental Center, Boxcar Stringband, Roller Doll Skate Shop, Cascade Couriers, The Savy Agency, Crux Fermentation Project, Armchair Story Event, Deschutes Children’s Foundation, Cascade Crest Transitions, Nature of Words, 1859 Magazine, and True North Parenting Magazine along with many other businesses, musical acts, and individuals. He is the official photographer for the Lava City Roller Dolls roller derby league (operating under his “derby name”, Otto Fokus), is one of several sponsors of the Bend Velo/Cascade Couriers cycling team, and has contributed to Bend’s One Model Competition, photographing the contest participants and winner.

Brian also operates a part-time, private therapy practice and is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in areas of emotional health and well-being, addiction treatment, relationship and family therapy, and adolescent and young-adult themes and issues. He has worked as a therapist, consultant, clinical director, and counselor supervisor in a variety of settings over the past 15 years. His experience in this field has given him unique abilities and insight when working with photography clients, having a strong ability to create connection and confidence in subjects and to conduct his work with the highest professional standards, managing challenging situations and complex projects effectively.

Brian is a member of several professional organizations including Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, Professional Photographers of America, American Society of Media Photographers, and is a past board member of the Professional Photographer Network of Bend. Whatever spare time he has left is spent skiing, fly-fishing, being a tech/design geek, quoting movies, searching out new food and music, traveling, drinking too much coffee, hanging out with cats, and forever making more “to do” lists.

Thanks for your interest!